M I C H A E L  P E T E R S














          My goal as a luthier is to craft a powerful guitar with character and beauty of tone. The guitar I build is typically a big sounding concert instrument that has a warm focused tonality with color and balance. They have the feel and response to accommodate different playing styles, technique, and repertoire.

          The way I accomplish this is by carefully crafting the guitars to very fine tolerances in thicknesses, weights, and how components are fit together. I also believe that the careful design and adjustment of the bracing layout plays a crucial role in optimizing the efficiency of the tops vibration. Essentially I combine my intuition with how I understand a guitar to work.

     My basic bracing style is a modified seven fan strut with a cross grain brace under the bridge saddle.  Typically I use an open bar approach to transfer some vibration toward the upper bout. I get a very even and balanced sound from this style which utilizes the best of a traditional bracing style while incorporating other ideas that I believe to add other desirable  elements.

I do however enjoy experimenting with different designs. One approach that I have had considerable success with is a style that opens up the lower bout and forces the top to vibrate in a different way.  It also helps support the areas in front of and behind the bridge while spreading the energy up toward the upper bout. The sound gotten from this is one that has an expanded tonal range with exceptionally deep basses while yielding strong and bright trebles. The balance, tone, and color range are excellent. I am excited about this design and look forward to building more in this style.

Playability is of special consideration. I use my experience as a long time player to ensure that the guitar is as comfortable and  easy to play as possible.  I contour my necks so that transitions from one position to the next feels  seamless.  Because the feel of a guitar is subjective I try to understand fully what is ideal for the player. When possible I prefer to shape the necks with the player present to ensure that a good match is made.

        My intention as a builder is to make a guitar to be as close a match to the player as possible while satisfying my own artistic vision.

          I am truly lucky to be a part of such a great endeavor as to be a luthier. I continually strive to build the best guitar that I can hopefully improving with each one. I truly love what I do and hopefully this translates to my guitars.